Hi I'm Ribbion Natasha! As someone who has always loved to exercise not only because of the physical benefits but also the mental benefits, I used exercise to mentally escape my issues. My emotions had complete reign over my life resulting in overthinking EVERYTHING, instability, insecurity, bouts of depression and anxiety just to name a few.  Constant rejection and the need to be accepted led to a perpetual self-sabotage cycle of disappointments and betrayal. Those problems temporarily disappeared as long as I was working out. I later discovered those same problems awaited me after my workout.  I realized that no matter how strong or confident I felt after a training session , it was short-lived.  Therefore, I discovered a way to extend that feeling outside of the gym.  As I apply the same principles I use in the gym with the same game face to my life's adversities, my life began to change right before my eyes.  God met me where I was...in the gym! He knew I was seeking my truest form. The version of me He created through His spiritual truths about me and my purpose. It was then, when those feelings of empowerment that use to be fleeting and temporary, over time, with consistency became permanent traits. Through the Ripped and Restored brand I want to share these life hacks with other women who need motivation to push through their physical and mental limitations thereby, discovering a better and stronger version of themselves.

I aim to inspire through my athletic wear brand,  the woman who desires true transformation that happens from the inside out. While we grow together I will share the message of embracing pain which is meant to rouse us and not discourage us. Everything that has happened to us in our lives God allowed so it can be used for His purpose which is our greater good. We are to grow strong by conflict not the opposite. As with exercise, the pain of challenge is inevitable to achieve the desired result and so it is mentally, based upon how we perceive those challenges.  It has the ability to make us or break us.  I want to help you with those perceptions. 
I have created here, a space to cultivate that indomitable spirit inside of you with encouragement through spiritual truths designed to train your mind that will ultimately change your life.  I will encourage you to simultaneously train physically and spiritually to achieve spiritual and physical fitness. I will help push you through those limitations and barriers that hinder your growth. Meanwhile, the hip, trendy, yet feminine Ripped and Restored athletic pieces made available for you will symbolically represent our journey of growth together.  Putting on Ripped and Restored Athleisure will be like putting on strength!  We have a race to run, let's finish well and finish strong!
Feel free to navigate the site.  You will get a dose of motivation and inspiration while shopping for that next workout session.