What is Ripped and Restored?

Ripped and Restored is not just an athletic clothing line equipping women for their workouts intended to build physical strength, but was also created to help women unveil their inner strength, equipping them for their life's path.  A seed of greatness resides in all of us.  Therefore,  we want to cultivate a community of women that are strong in mind, body and spirit by providing an environment and space that is conducive to their empowerment.  While we motivate you to build your physical strength by supplying comfortable and feminine fitness wear to help power you through your workouts, our main goal is to invoke transformation from the inside out. We will reveal untruths that we have subscribed to,  which may have created patterns of self sabotage from the way we've processed our emotions through experiences of pain and suffering whereby, we've learned to merely survive but not thrive.  Many of us identify with these challenges we've endured and go on to carry the weight of those experiences which ultimately drags us down.  But we are not our suffering. We are the strength we find in the suffering. Pain is inevitable, and though none of us are exempt from challenges and trauma, it is how we use it to our advantage that distinguishes one from the other. Just as the purpose of weights in the gym are used to build stronger bodies, so can the weight of our tests and trials in this life be opportunity to give us an inner strength that fuels us for our life's journey. 

The "ripped" look in our signature leggings represents scars of past struggles that have become badges of honor. The physiological process of the tearing and ripping of muscle to generate new fibers for muscle growth and strength is similar to the process of our own inner growth and strength. The challenge to grow, adapt, and evolve, enables us to discover untapped reservoirs of strength we never knew existed within us. 

Let's embrace this process and journey together in pursuit of the version of ourselves God designed us to be and look good doing it! 

We have a race to run, let's finish well and finish strong!