Death by Comparison

Have you ever scratched your head and wondered how someone goes from a couch potato to muscle definition within months after starting a training program?  The muscle definition it took you to achieve within years!  Well, several factors must be taken into account: genetics, age, training program, lifestyle, different levels of strength, focus, intensity, and the list goes on and on. For this reason, certain training and diet programs may not be as effective for one person as it is another. 

The same rings true in the gymnasium of life.  To start let me make one thing clear. Each person is uniquely and wonderfully made. There is no other person like you and there will never be another like you. God made no mistake when He made each one of us and He gave each of us a purpose. If we truly believe this, then why do we compare ourselves to others? Why do we measure our successes, achievements and growth according to others?  We, especially women, tend to find anything to compare ourselves to,  which ultimately leads to competing, thereby leading us to feel either superior or inferior. As a reminder, Genesis 3:19  says be humble and never think you are better than anyone else. Remember for dust you are and to dust you shall return. Conversely, no one else is better than you.

I believe when you are not aware that you have a purpose that is exclusively designed and ordained for you, it lends way to distractions. Yes! God ordained a purpose for you based on how he created you, your life's experiences, how those experiences would affect you, and where He wants to lead you for the future.   Just as exercise or diet programs are not a one size fits all, so it is the same for one's life's purpose. We are not meant to excel at the same speed and succeed in the same way.  Our achievements wouldn't carry the same weight if we all are accomplishing the same goals at the same time. Find your "why", and you won't be distracted by someone else's.  The world needs your generational contribution. It will never see it if you are focused on others. Your purpose will suffocate and die if it's not cultivated because you don't think it measures up to someone else's talents and abilities. Bob Goff said it best, "We won't be distracted by comparison, if we are captivated by purpose."

We have a race to run, let's finish well and finish strong!