About Us

A women's athleisure brand that not only clothe women for physical training through their powered workouts, but more importantly clothe them for spiritual training in the gymnasium of life by unlocking spiritual truths and unveiling godly perspectives to become stronger and better versions of themselves. As in the gym and the gymnasium of life, pain is inevitable for change. How we perceive pain determines what type of change it yields, whether favorable or unfavorable. Are you bitter or better?

Ripped and Restored will give powerful insights and inspiration to help build a community of women to embrace their process by not just merely going through it but growing through it. Both in the gym and the gymnasium of life, we must not sacrifice form. How we carry the weight is more important than the sake of carrying it. Lack of proper form can cause further injury and stagnate our growth. Let's begin the journey together in our true transformation from the inside out!

"We have a race to run. Let's finish well and finish strong!"