You Don't Have To Be Great To Start!

Despise not the day of small beginnings. There is purpose for those seemingly drudging difficult days. Those long drawn out days may seem like punishment or like you're doing something wrong. Before I get into this, God says to look at it as a day. It's a season necessary for shaping and preparation. The problem comes when distractions and deception lends way to impatience, tempting us to abort the process as we seek relief from the laborious pushing. I was sent to remind you that it is as a day. Meaning, it is temporary. The time will pass, so why not pass the time beginning to build that dream, relationship, ministry, business from the ground up with the finest of detail. If you're going to build, make it built it to last.

Greater will come as you commit to the process. Persevere no matter how uncomfortable, painful , and long.  As you build you are building something even greater within you. As you learn new things and try new things you gain a broader perspective and expand your scope along the way.

Humble beginnings produces great character. It shows us how far we've come and what it took for us to finish to completion...the sacrifices, the sweat, and tears. We actually value it more when we've worked hard and long for it.  Don't sleep on the beginning. It lays the foundation for which we build upon.  Circumventing those necessary steps is like skipping the steps to building a house. Leaving out the groundwork is a recipe for disaster as the house will lack integrity to withstand the natural elements . Inevitably the house will collapse from storms or strong wind. So if you're going to build make it built to last. 

If we are aware of what those seemingly insignificant days of waiting while we work do for us regardless of how it feels, we would embrace it. Well, now you know and for some of you, this is a fresh reminder.

Here is a rule of thumb... if it looks and feels insignificant, chances are it is significant. Because we are committed to our natural proclivities we miss the supernatural. God wants to develop the greatness inside of you. Commit to your potential! Now go be great and get started today!