Let's Talk Self Identity- It Starts With You


Are you surviving or thriving?  Every morning when we get up we have the stress of reaching our workplace on time, then we work like donkeys and by the time our work gets wrapped up at the end of the day, we are exhausted. Once we reach home, we sit before a television. We spend years practicing this ritual. As a result we are unaware of our true identity and inner self. The inner self as it's connected to God is defined as the voice of God. It provides us direction that leads us to true happiness. Nevertheless, often in the fast pace of life the inner voice gets suppressed.     

We are running rapidly to materialize our true ambitions. In addition,  we are too busy to reflect and introspect upon our lives. In the midst of the hustle and bustle we seem to have lost our identity. Identity is the true reflection of an individual in relation to God. When we define who we are in relation to Him and not things and groups or a body it is then we are on our path to true self-discovery. We work hard all day to make currency and improve our standard of living.  However, ironically, it is society’s judgment that is most valuable to us. Everything we do is valued from the society’s point of view. The opinion of people around us overshadows our inner voice. So in other words sometimes our life’s choices can be based upon the cultural norms and acceptance if we don't check ourselves.

Think for a moment and ask yourself,  do you really find joy in leading the life as per society’s benchmarks? Does your reputation, bank balance or job define you? If not then what defines you? What is your true identity? Possibly introspection and a little reflection will provide the answer. Normally, bank balance, property ownership or one’s reputation in society is considered parallel with individuality. But you are more than what you've accumulated in life. Thus, it is imperative that you realize your true worth and work towards true joy and peace. 

You have to make efforts to connect with your inner voice. Try taking some time to disconnect from the world. Start with 20 minutes out of the day to turn off the t.v., the radio and any other form of media.  By the way, did you know that another word for media is medium which means to stand between the source and the object. So there you have it! The media can stand between you and the source, your life's source, the Creator who created you for a specific purpose. When you are able to focus inward, ask God questions regarding the reasons you exist. Ask Him what would bring you joy? Joy is when you are most content within no matter your life circumstances. Practice this regularly and soon you will see the positive change in your life. The pessimism, anxieties, fear, insecurities or worries will have no place in your life and will be replaced by feelings of kindness, love and affection.  Be patient with yourself.  A shift in belief systems and mindsets take time as you come to know yourself in it's most truest form...actually it takes a lifetime.  Ahhh, maybe that's what life is all about. A lifelong journey of exploration as our true potential is revealed along the way . After all, you are so worth it!