Don't Sacrifice Form

In weight training,  how the weight is lifted is just as important as lifting the weight.  Proper form should not be ignored as sacrificing form can cause injury, thereby stagnating your growth.  I challenge us to look at our trials and challenges in life like weights in the gym and as opportunity to make us bigger and better  How we look at our challenges without this new mindset can discourage us and cause us to have a bitter disposition leading to developing unhealthy coping mechanisms.  In the gymnasia of life this is like lifting our weight with bad or improper form. You know the saying, "what doesn't kill me makes me stronger"? I beg to differ. Just because you go through it doesn't mean you grow through it! Merely going through it is just as effective as going to the gym but not using the facility for it's intended purpose, to exercise. Without the proper mindset when going through hardship and life altering situations, although you are still living and breathing when it's all said and done, you can still wind up bitter with unforgiveness and disappointment on the other side.  These are the common natural responses to hurt and betrayal. But we're not doing common any longer!

Just because you're surviving doesn't mean you are thriving.  So how do we thrive in life?  Surviving in and of itself can be challenging, but thriving will take even more of an effort because that takes doing something different to get different results.  For example, forgiving a person who intentionally or unintentionally hurt you.  

Time will pass and you will have no choice but to get through it.  However, how you get through it is your choice.  Time will also reveal how you endured because bitterness and anger spreads like cancer and will affect other areas of our lives such as the quality of our relationships with family, coworkers, children, and all those in our sphere of influence.  Keep in mind that forgiveness is not necessarily for the other person but it is for you.

For once, let's do something for ourselves. Let's get better and not bitter!