Don't Forget to Stretch!

Stretching positions you for growth as you gain greater capacity to carry what God has for you and wants to accomplish in your life.


Stretching the capacity of a muscle helps strengthens it, gives it more flexibility, decreases injury risks, and gives better overall muscle tone. It helps you to complete everyday physical tasks with more ease or if you exercise,  your training sessions are smoother allowing you to push further beyond your previous limitations.


Stretching our minds by challenging ourselves mentally, we grow in our knowledge, reasoning, and understanding.  That could be learning new things through reading, travel, adopting a new hobby or simply doing more listening than talking. You'd be surprised at how much you can learn by listening more.


Stretching our faith is beneficial for us spiritually because it increases our capacity for greater,  God ordained callings and assignments.  The more pliable we are,  the more God can use us for His divine purpose and plan.  Like a stiff muscle that increases injury risks and potentially stunt fitness growth, resistance to the rhythm of God's grace causes us to miss out on spiritual growth opportunities. Get my drift...

As we expose ourselves to new experiences and embrace challenges outside our comfort zone we expand and broaden our scope of understanding, therefore positioning us for great alignments.  This stretch can be self-induced or God-induced. Sometimes He forces it upon us to keep us aligned with His divine timing.  Another way to stretch our faith is to be teachable,  continuously learning life lessons God teaches us in many ways throughout our daily walk as we establish a more intimate relationship with Him.  Ultimately our faith increases as we invite Him in our day to day tasks where He brings significance to our seemingly obscure way of life.  Now is not the time to shut down.  There is so much more to learn and experience from a big God in this big world!  Let's keep living and growing!  Stretching can be uncomfortable and maybe even painful, especially with a cold muscle that hasn't been warmed up.  Stretching your spiritual muscle of faith is no different as it will  be warmed for divine opportunities that can change the trajectory of your life!

We have a race to run.  Let's finish well, and finish strong!