Are you a Dope Soul?

To answer the question, are you a dope soul you first have to know what a "dope soul" means.  First, "dope" is an old slang term used by most generation "x"ers, and possibly the older end of the millennial generation to describe something they like. Basically, it is a favorable sentiment towards someone or something. 

The meaning of soul is going to depend on the source. If you look up the definition, one of them states it as the emotional or intellectual energy or intensity, especially as revealed in a work of art or an artistic performance.  If you think of your life as a performance, what is the energy of your performance? Is it lackluster with a yawning audience or is it electrifying leaving some people wanting more?  Life is the chance to showcase the masterpiece you created. How will you show up? 

The Hebrew word for soul is nanesh and the meaning is "living being."  Through further research, to put it simply the soul is the part of you where your mind (conscious and subconscious), will, and emotions reside.  It reveals how you perceive the world which essentially makes up your personality.   It's the part of you that reveals a piece of your story.  There is so much more to be explained here but I dare not even try.  I'm sure you get the gist of my oversimplified version.  Nevertheless, based on a glance into these meanings, you can gather that the soul is a crucial part of our human existence as it shows the world how you show up in the gift of life. 

Your physical plane of existence has its limitations, but with an expansion of awareness and depth of creative powers and ability, you transcend the limitations of the physical experience, therefore showing up with more to offer the world through a greater expression of your existence leaving a jaw dropped audience applauding  your life's performance.  

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